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Medicine Buddha visualisation

Medicine Buddha visualisation

The most important aspect of this meditation is the colour blue. All cultures use this colour for cooling and calming the body/mind. The colour is lapis lazuli blue, a really vibrant blue. It is the vibration of this colour in the body/mind that does the work. It has a deep physiological effect that calms anxieties and passions, and is a deep antidote to fear.

This work, as all practice, is a preparation for dying.

The Meditation

First, establish a comfortable posture.

Now imagine that you are the colour blue, lapis lazuli blue. Feel the impression of this colour right through your body. Feel and experience this colour throughout the senses. Look at it, touch it, imagine yourself steeped in it.

Now imagine that your body is hollow. Focus on it’s shape, note it’s definition, imagine the inside and outside of your body is all lapis lazuli blue.

Now imagine a thumb sized blue medicine Buddha enters your body through one of it’s orifices (notice which one). It could be a blue light or a blue liquid. Watch where the blue Buddha goes. Be patient, be calm. Don’t fabricate. Just watch. Stay with this part of the body until you feel a warmth, a movement or a slight shift.

The first place the blue Buddha visits is usually a consciously distressed place.

Keep watching. It may now move to another part of the body. The second or third place may be a deeper source of dis ease, a place you had not realised was in need.

Imagine that the blue Buddha is now at the centre of your body.

Take your time and gradually extend it’s size, until you and it are the same size.

Keep visualising the colour lapis lazuli blue.

Feel steeped in it.

Deeper and deeper into the blue.

Place your left hand in your lap at navel level with the palm facing upwards asa if holding a bowl.

Look deeply with your mind’s eye into the bowl and ask the question:

‘what is the nature of my distress?’

Be restufl and calm and listen with all the senses.

In this way we can have access to the cause of the dis ease, the root of the distress or conditioning in the body or mind.

Now place your right hand, palm facing updwards, on your right knee. Look deeply with your mind’s eye into your right hand.

Take your time. Be patient. Be restful. Be calm. Watch with all the senses, deeply.

In your right hand are the skilled means, the remedy, the cure. Your right hand will show you how you are going to heal.

Now watch the dialogue between the two hands.

First the left hand.

Now the right.

And now feel for the union between the two hands. It is here that healing takes place.

Reduce the size of the blue Buddha until it is small enough to leave from one of the orifices (notice which one).

Be calm and settle your breathing. Return to the normal sensations of your body. Ease out of your meditation

Spend a few moments reviewing the information that you have received.

Thanks to Venerable Namgyal Rimpoche, Sonia Moriceau and Marian Partington