Swindon Chan Group


Design for Simple Folding Leg Meditation Stool or Bench

finished bench on table

This stool can be relatively easily and inexpensively made by anyone with a saw and a screw-driver from new or recycled materials. This style of bench is ideal for carrying to meetings, sitting out in the countryside or putting in your bag for taking on retreat.


The bench is sized to be used with a cushion or upholstered. Suitable cushions are available from Primark, for example, for about £3- [Oct 2006].


Materials List


Making the Bench



Mass Manufacturing

With the help of a power saw, power sander and power screwdriver, plus various jigs to save me measuring anything more than once, I made 14 benches for use and sale by the Swindon Chan Group in about 3 hours and for a materials cost of about £32- [Oct 2006].

Timber: Pack of 5 2.4m x 144mm x 18mm PSE from Wickes [107-022] £16-, plus 500mm off-cut of the same to complete set of parts.
Hinges: 14 pairs, 100mm zinc-plated, Screwfix 13578, £15-
Screws: 400 ¾” x 8’s [needed 224], Screwfix 13228, £1.20

Cutting List:
Plank 1: 4 x 500mm and 1 x 360mm
Plank 2: 4 x 500mm and 1 x 360mm
Plank 3: 4 x 500mm and 1 x 360mm
Plank 4: 6 x 360mm
Plank 5: 1 x 500mm and 5 x 360mm
Offcut: 500mm

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