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Author Geshe Rabten
Title The Esential Nectar. Meditations on the Buddhist Path
Copyright Year 1984
ISBN Number 0-86171-013-4
Publisher Name Wisdom Publications
Place Of Publication London, England
Cover Type Paperback
Pages 306
Review For Buddhists, enlightenment is not some vague, esoteric idea but a precise goal, definable and attainable. Success in the achievement of enlightenment depends upon following the steps laid out by the people who have already attained it. The Essential Nectar is an explanation of these steps - kown in Tibetan as the graduated path to enlightenment (lam rim) - by a contemporary Tibetan master, Geshe Rabten, based on a popular Tibetan text, The Essential Nectar of the Holy Doctine by eighteenth century scholar Yeshe Tsondru.