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Author Santideva
Title The Bodhicaryavatara
Copyright Year 1995
ISBN Number 0-19-282979-3
Publisher Name Oxford University Press
Place Of Publication Oxford, UK
Translated By Crosby, Kate and Skilton, Andrew
Cover Type Paperback
Pages 191
Review A Guide to the Buddhist Path to Awakening.), (), (Written in Inda in the early eighth century AD, Santideva's Bodhicaryavatara became one of the most popular accounts of the Buddhist spiritual path. ), (), (The Bodhicaryavatara takes as its subject the profound desire to become a Buddha and save all beings from suffering. The person who enacts such a desire is a Bodhisattva. Santideva not only sets out what the Bodhisattva must do and become, he also invokes the intense feelings of aspiration which underlie such a commitment, using language which has inspired Buddhists in their religious life from his time to the present.